Adiabatic condensers and dry coolers with special Spray System D&S

General principles

Dry coolers and condensers are normally selected to operate correctly at maximum thermal load with maximum ambient temperature.
However, these severe working conditions apply only to a brief period of the year whilst for the remainder of the year – in less severe conditions – the machine is oversized. This is why LU-VE designed a unit which can be selected for standard working conditions but which can increase its performance when particularly severe conditions arise.
The innovative DRY AND SPRAY® system, thanks to its special nozzle configuration, can use softened water for up to 900 working hours per year.

LU-VE cooling systemAdiabatic condensers and dry coolers with special Spray System D&S


  • water consumption limited to brief periods of the year;
  • absence of stagnant water and consequent elimination of risks associated with water impurity and environmental contamination (for example, legionella);
  • shorter payback time of the investment;
  • low energy consumption;
  • low noise levels;
  • possibile free cooling;
  • no vapour clouds.

Advantages compared to traditional dry installations:

  • important overall reductions in the space taken up by the equipment (up to 1/3).
  • important air flow reduction (up to 1/3).
  • important energy consumption reduction (up to 1/3).
  • quieter running.
  • possible cooling to a temperature below that of the ambient air dry bulb


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