Water Cooled Chillers

With over 30 years of experience working across both Australia and New Zealand in the HVAC-R industry, Adiabatic Cooling Solutions are the experts you can trust for all your water chiller needs. Melbourne locals and business owners can rest assured that our team will cover everything, from the initial site audit and inspection, the initial design stage to finally, supplying and installing the correct water chillers into your building.

By working as the distributors, agents and sales and service partners for the world’s leading chiller brands our team will ensure that all our clients receive the right advice and friendly customer service they require when it comes to finding the suitable water chiller units for your environment. From the initial design stages to providing full turn key solutions, our team will go above and beyond to deliver on your expectations for a new, reliable cooling system that will stand the test of time in your building.

Specially Designed And Installed Water Chiller Units For Melbourne And Business Owners In Australia

At Adiabatic Cooling Solutions, our strong expertise combined with our vast knowledge of the local cooling industry has allowed us to help many customers find and install the perfect water chillers in Australia. As we are an HVAC-R company, our professionally trained team are also ARC authorised and qualified under the Victorian Building Authority. Rest assured that the advice and assistance you receive from our experts will come

Don’t wait until the hot Australian weather comes around to look into a new cooling system for your building. From commercial to industrial building sites, our team can help find and install the best possible water cooled chiller quickly and efficiently. This will ensure that you, your employees or your tenants are fully prepared for the next heat wave with the right cooling unit.

For more information on our services and products, please get in touch with Adiabatic Cooling Solutions and book in your appointment today.