Air Cooled Chiller

For quality designed and installed air cooled chiller systems, Adiabatic Cooling Solutions are trusted experts Australian businesses have been able to rely on for a fantastic cooling system that will stand the test of time. To put it simply, an air cooled chiller is essentially a refrigeration system, which works by absorbing the heat from processed water. From small commercial buildings to large industrial sized warehouses, this fantastic system can be designed and built to your specifications.

By working as the distributors, agents and sales and service partners for the world’s leading Adiabatic Fluid Cooler manufacturers, our team can help you find the ultimate air cooled water chiller system that will give your indoor space the best possible cooling benefits.

Reliable Air Cooled Chiller Units Designed For Your Needs

For over 30 years, our professionals have worked hard to provide all our clients across Australia with the ultimate customer service experience. As an Australian based HVAC-R company, our VBA qualified team is also ARC authorised, which means we know exactly how to deliver on your expectations for your air cooled chiller system. With clients ranging from VISY, ANZ, Sorbent, Stratco, Toyota and many other big name Australian companies, we guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy your new cooling system from Adiabatic Cooling Solutions.

Wondering if an air cooled water chiller system is the right fit for your building? By booking in a site audit and inspection today, our team can provide you with the right advice and lead you in the right direction for the perfect air cooling system.