Commercial Water Chillers

Let the team here at Adiabatic Cooling Solutions help you find the right commercial chiller that suits the needs and requirements of your business today. For over 30 years, our professionally trained HVAC-R industry experts have become the specialists in supplying and installing Adiabatic fluid coolers for process cooling systems. Wondering how a commercial chiller can help your business? To put it simply, chillers are used to generate chilled water, which can then be used for several different applications including the air conditioning in buildings or process cooling. By getting in touch with our team today, our professionals can help point you in the right direction to ensure you receive the best possible advice for your chiller.

Quality Made Commercial Chiller Units For Businesses Across Australia

As an Australian based HVAC-R company, our team here at Adiabatic Cooling Solutions works as the main distributors, agents and sales and service partners to the world’s leading Adiabatic Fluid Cooler manufacturers. Our goal is to ensure all our clients receive the right commercial water chiller for their business, which will help them perform at their highest capacity. Not only are we ARC authorised, but our experts are also qualified under the Adiabatic Cooling Solutions, which means we can provide you with reliable, full turn key solutions.

From our fantastic customer service to our quick supply and installation turnaround time, we know you will not be disappointed when coming to our experts for help. To find out more about our commercial chiller units, please get in touch with our team today and book in your site audit and inspection.