Adiabatic Cooler VS Cooling Tower

Adiabatic Cooler vs Cooling Tower – Considering replacing or acquiring new equipment? Read on to weigh up the pros and cons…

Adiabatic Cooler
  1. Spray cooling kicks in only when the ambient air temperature is too high to use cooled air
  2. Only uses mains cold water when high ambient temperatures demand higher levels of cooling. To put this into context, the capital cost of an Adiabatic Cooler and its first 25 years of water consumption is considerably less than the first year of water consumption of a Cooling Tower
  3. These units produce smaller droplets of water; between 50 and 100 microns which cannot support bacteria growth. The system also features a UV disinfection system as a fail safe to kill any traces that may make its way into the system, further minimising the risk to health
  4. These units do not need to be registered with the Health and Safety Executive as the risk of legionella is all but removed
  5. Adiabatic coolers have an auto drain down function to empty the system of water
Cooling Tower
  1. Water is continually sprayed to cool the condenser coils, continually using a mains water supply to create a cooling effect
  2. Water isn’t drained from the cooling tower which can facilitate the growth and spread of legionella bacteria; the water droplet size produced and the process temperatures are ideal to breed the bacteria, consequently regular servicing, chemical treatment and strict HSE guidelines need to be followed
  3. Due to the evaporation rates of Cooling Towers (1.6kg water evaporated for every kW of heat removed) the water and chemical costs to maintain the fluid chemical balance can quickly mount up to tens of thousands of dollars
  4. These systems need to be registered due to the high risk of legionella

In summary, there are several benefits of using an Adiabatic Cooler:

  • Save thousands of dollars in running costs
  • Industrial water saving
  • Does not require further chemical treatment
  • Energy efficient cooling
  • Controlling legionella prevention

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