Adiabatic Coolers – Cost – Effective Cooling

Adiabatic Coolers are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to Cooling Towers – requiring significantly less maintenance, reduced legionella risk and operational costs. They require no ongoing chemical treatment or registration with local authorities and use less than 0.5% of traditional
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Cooling Tower water usage.

The units use fans to operate the cooling for a high percentage of the year with a spray system which only activates during periods of high ambient temperatures. The spray activity is tightly monitored using a pulsing mechanism to ensure minimum adiabatic cooling is provided for any given load and ambient condition. This control reduces water consumption and running costs for a long, fault free lifespan.

  • Spray cooling kicks in only when the ambient air temperature is too high to use cooled air – save thousands of dollars in running costs
  • Only uses mains cold water when high ambients demand higher levels of cooling – conserving water
  • No need to register with the Health and Safety Executive as the risk of legionella is all but removed
  • No further chemical treatment required – saving you resource and budget

Our Adiabatic Coolers are designed to meet your requirements including footprint, acoustics and construction materials. Overall, they offer significant energy and operational savings – helping you to boost productivity and efficiency of your site.

Features include:
Variable speed EC and AC fan technology

  • Easy-to-use PLC control panel
  • WI-FI and 3G connectivity for BMS integration
  • Multiple fixed fan speeds
  • Inverter speed control
  • Free Cooling available
  • Coatings for extreme external environments